Annual Reports

MINCA's Annual Reports document the Chapter's growth and achievements during the year the report was issued for. 

You can view the current complete Annual Report, as well as reports form prior years, by clicking on the links below.

Children's Advocacy Centers make a difference in the lives of children in Michigan throughout each year. MINCA provides support to all CACs in Michigan every year. MINCA provides training, technical assistance, and development services to each of the 38 CACs in Michigan to help them better serve the needs of child victims and families in their communities. 

Many communities in Michigan have embraced the CAC model, because they see that the model is efficient and effective in serving children and families. MINCAs CAC membership has grown by over 150% since 2011. 

At the end of 2016, there were 41 MINCA member CACs serving 57 counties in Michigan. Accredited CACs in Michigan provided services to 10,294 children during 2016. There were 156,298 children and families who were provided with abuse prevention services during 2015. 

MINCA and our partners continue to work to provide CAC services in the currently unserved counties in Michigan. We believe that all children, regardless of their location and circumstances, should have access to reliable, effective and professional child advocacy services. 

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