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  • 14 Dec 2011 9:03 PM | Michael Christy (Administrator)

    The National Children’s Alliance (NCA) has released the request for proposals for the 2012 grant year.  The deadline for grant application submission is detailed below.


    Program Improvement, Urban Initiatives, CAC Response for the US DC and US Territories, CAC Response to CSEC Awards applications must be successfully submitted via the online system by 5:00 PM EST January 11th, 2012.


    You will notice that the NCA RFP does not include a CAC Development Grant category this year.  NCA has advised that due to federal budget cuts, it was necessary to remove development grants in order to maintain other grant levels.  However, the RFP does have a Program Improvement grant category.  If you are a CAC that received a development grant last year from NCA, you might consider applying for a program improvement grant this year to improve on your progress from the development grant. 


    You may click here to visit the NCA web site for additional information.  The RFP also has a list of webinars that applicants can register for to learn more about the grants and the application process.


    The above information should not be confused with the Michigan Chapter Sub-grants for 2012 as that is a separate process managed by the Michigan Chapter.  The Michigan Chapter will be submitting a grant application to NCA under the Chapter tier grant system and we will issue our Chapter Sub-Award Grant RFP after our Chapter grant is approved by NCA.  The chapter will be looking at the possibility of using some sub-grant funding to assist a developing CAC in Michigan to offset the loss of development grants at the national level.


    As always please contact the chapter office with any questions.

  • 10 Dec 2011 4:46 PM | Michael Christy (Administrator)

    The fiscal report form for the 2nd half of 2011 Sub-grants is now available on the sub-grant page for download and completion.  The reports are due by January 4, 2012 but there is no need to wait if you have already made your expenditures for the 2nd half of the year.  As a reminder, you still need to complete the reporting process even if you reported all your expenditures during the first half report.  The fiscal report form is an excel document that you can download from the sub-grant page of the web site.  There is also a web link inside the excel document that will take you to a web page to complete the narrative portion of the report.  The completed Fiscal Report Form with all supporting documentation must be uploaded via the Chapter website by January 4, 2012.  There is also a 10 minute instructional video on the sub-grant page that details the reporting and submission process for your 2nd half of 2011 sub-grant report.  You may click here to go directly to the sub-grant page and you will need to log in to access the page.  You may also access the page after you log into the web site by clicking on the groups tab then sub-grants.  Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing the forms or viewing the instructional video.

  • 08 Dec 2011 9:48 AM | Michael Christy (Administrator)

    As many of you know, the Michigan Chapter has been working with the National Children’s Alliance to obtain approval of a forensic interview training program in Michigan that will meet requirements set forth in the NCA accreditation requirements for Children’s Advocacy Centers.  As it stands now, if a forensic interviewer is trained using the Michigan approved 2 day training from the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM), they would still need to obtain additional training as the NCA accreditation standards call for 40 hours of training.  This has created difficulties in Michigan as forensic interviewers leave centers and new interviewers are hired.  The Michigan Chapter and PAAM have worked to develop a training program that the Chapter submitted to NCA for approval.  This has been an ongoing process with addendums to the original proposal being submitted by the Chapter when NCA responded with questions or concerns about the program.


    On November 30, 2011, the Chapter received a response from NCA which indicated that the program could be approved once some modifications were made to a pre and posttest and feedback form which would be used in the program.   On December 7, 2011, the chapter held a webinar with PAAM and Midwest Regional CAC representatives to begin development of these final documents.  It now appears that the final program will be as outlined below:


    Prior to Course - CAC Participants will complete the pretest on the Chapter web site and then download required reading material from the Chapter web site.  The CAC participants will be required to complete the required reading prior to the first day of class.


    First day of Class - This will consist of the current first day of training that is conducted by PAAM in their forensic interview training program.


    Second day of Class - This will consist off the current second day of training that is conducted by PAAM in their forensic interview training program.


    Third day of Class - This will consist of a new third day of training for CAC participants who need the additional training for NCA accreditation purposes.


    The above course will be conducted by PAAM and any CAC participants requiring training that meets NCA accreditation standards would have to complete the prior to course activities and attend all three days of the training.  Participants who do not require training that meets NCA accreditation standards would only need to attend day one and two of the training with no pre course activities.


    We expect final approval of this program by the end of this year.  PAAM will then begin scheduling training based on need throughout the State.  PAAM has advised the Chapter that there may be a small fee per participant for those who need the expanded training and we will keep you advised as any fee structure is finalized.

  • 17 Nov 2011 11:53 AM | Michael Christy (Administrator)

    CARE House of Oakland County in Pontiac, Michigan has two open positions which are listed below:

    Clinical Director Position:  Responsible for the leadership of all aspects of clinical services, including: program development and administration, supervision of therapists, and interns.  Responsibilities include developing and maintaining the Clinical Program at CARE House of Oakland County, including ensuring that the staff is adequately trained and supervised. Director should be familiar with treating clients who have been traumatized, and be able to provide treatment services.  This position will be responsible for the assignment of referrals to therapists.  Also, providing service/demographic data and filing reports as required by funding sources and credentialing bodies.  Director will participate in community and agency committees, representing CARE House. 

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Licensed Master's Degree in Social Work
    • Minimum of 6 years’ experience in clinical setting preferred
    • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in managing clinical staff preferred
    • Familiar with ethical and legal reporting requirements as mandated by State and/or Federal regulations
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work collaboratively and in a team environment

    Contractual Therapist (11 hours per week):  Seeking a male contractual therapist to co-facilitate a pre-teen boy’s treatment group.  The group will work with preteen boys who have all experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse.  This position would also include providing individual treatment to up to 5 children or non-offending caregivers.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Licensed Master Social Worker, or equivalent clinical degree
    • Some experience in a clinical setting, group work experience
    • Understanding of treating trauma
    • Familiar with ethical and legal reporting requirements as mandated by State and/or Federal regulations
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work collaboratively and in a team environment

    Interested parties may email resumes or inquiries to Cathy Weissenborn at cweissenborn@carehouse.org or fax resumes to (248) 333-1539 attn:  Cathy Weissenborn.

  • 08 Jun 2011 11:15 AM | Michael Christy (Administrator)

    A number of members of the Michigan Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance paid a visit to our Michigan US Senators during the NCA Leadership Conference in Washington DC on June 7,2011.  At 8am the Michigan Delegation met with Senator Stabenow at her Hart Senate Office Building and then met with one of her policy aides after the meeting with the Senator to further clarify the issues we discussed with the Senator.  At 2:30pm, the Michigan Delegation met with the Chief Policy Advisor to Senator Levin at his Russell Senate Office Building.

    During the meetings we discussed the importance of the CAC movement in Michigan and the number of CAC’s and the work they do in Michigan.  We also discussed the fact that CAC’s in Michigan receive federal funding through sub-grants that are administered by the Michigan Chapter and development grants administered by the National Children’s Alliance.  We discussed the difficult budget times in Washington DC and the current status of the federal budget cycle for FY2012.  We requested that the Senators support the President’s FY2012 proposed funding levels for the Victims of Child Abuse Act Monies which is where our federal funding comes from.  The Presidents FY2012 proposed budget calls for 20 million dollars in funding for the Victims of Child Abuse Act which is an 11% reduction from FY2010 levels.  We advised the Senators that any cuts greater than the 11% would result in victims of child abuse in Michigan not receiving the services they and their families need. 

    Both Senators indicated that there are those who favor deeper cuts then recommended in the Presidents proposed budget.  We discovered that both of our Senators are in support of the Victims of Child Abuse Act funding that is included in the Presidents proposed FY2012 budget and they would support that level of funding.

    Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about our Washington DC Hill Day visits and I will have a detailed report at our next Chapter Board meeting.

  • 05 Jun 2011 9:16 AM | Michael Christy (Administrator)

    The Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center is looking for an Intake Coordinator.

    Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Communications, Social Work, or related field; or equivalent experience.

    DUTIES INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  This position requires a high level of professionalism, integrity & passion for making a difference in the lives of families.  This is a multi-task position with front desk responsibilities as well as responsibility for all case scheduling, record and file maintenance, and statistical reporting.  This position requires front desk responsibilities-answering phones, scheduling appointments & most importantly greeting the families who come through the Center. Must be computer literate with experience in database management.  Aiding Volunteer Coordinator in administrative/clerical duties; guiding volunteers assisting with center efforts.  Conduct new employee orientation, including tours of building, keys, security code, and general office information.

    Please email a resume to:


    Or mail the resume to:

    TBCAC, 121 E. Front Street, Suite 301


  • 04 May 2011 9:38 AM | Susan Shannon
    Kent County needs a temporary forensic interviewer trained in the Michigan Protocol two or three days a week during a staff transition. Interviewing is needed for June and July, 2011. Please make anyone who you think might be interested know of this opportunity directing them to call Tom Zook at 616.336.5156.

    Thank you.
  • 25 Jan 2011 1:32 PM | Ellen Lynch

    The Shiawassee County CAC is seeking candidates for a sexual trauma recovery counselor to work with youth ,ages 6-16,  who have caused sexual harm and their families.  Under the direction of the Executive Director, the counselor will be responsible for providing individual and group counseling for youth and in-home parent education for families.  The position requires a Bachelors degree in social work or related human service field with at least 5 years of experience working with children and families.  A Masters degree is preferred.  To apply please submit a resume and cover letter by February 7, 2011 by fax at 989-720-5878 or email  at childadvocacycenter@michonline.net  Attn:  Rhonda Ihm, Executive Director


  • 21 Dec 2010 1:39 PM | Michael Christy (Administrator)

    The Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center is seeking a person to fill the position of Family Advocate.  This position requires a Masters Degree in Social Work or other related field. The Family Advocate has primary responsibility for advocating for the needs and wellbeing of suspected child victims, non-offending parents and families. At least two years’ experience in crisis intervention, sexual abuse dynamics, child development, knowledge of the court systems, and support group leadership is preferred.

    To apply please submit a resume and cover letter by mail to 121 E. Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49684 or by email at traversebaycac@gmail.com .

  • 16 Nov 2010 8:03 AM | Michael Christy (Administrator)

    The Michigan Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance was notified late yesterday that the NCA application submission process for the 2011 grant year is open.  The deadlines for grant application submissions are listed below.

    Program Development and Expansion, Program Improvement, Urban Initiatives, CAC Response for the US DC and US Territories, CAC Response to CSEC Awards
    applications must be successfully submitted via the NCA online system by 5:00 PM EST December 15th, 2010.

    Chapter and Tribal Development, State Chapter Support to CACs Tier 1, State Chapter Support to CACs Tier 2, State Chapter Support to CACs Tier 3, State Chapter Support to CACs Tier 4
    applications must be successfully submitted via the NCA online system by 5:00 PM EST January 3rd, 2011.

    For centers that are planning on applying for sub-grants administered by the Michigan Chapter, the application process will be finalized after the Chapter Grant is approved by NCA.  The Chapter will submit a Chapter and State Chapter support to CACs Tier 2 grant and notify all CACs once the grant is approved and the sub-grant application process opens.

    Please Click Here to go to the NCA RFP page for additional information.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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