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Signs of Child Abuse

Michigan CACs

One With Courage is a Michigan and National effort to recognize the courage it takes to talk about child sexual abuse, the courage it takes child victims to come forward and talk about their abuse, and the courage it takes adults to acknowledge this problem, learn the signs and symptoms and engage in a dialog.  Please view the short videos below for additional information and then check out the resources on the remainder of this page.


Often only one adult with Courage is needed to support a child who has found the Courage to Stand Up and Step Forward to report abuse.  After viewing these videos, please review the remainder of this page for additional information.

Click here to find a Children's Advocacy Center in Michigan

Signs of Child Abuse

Click on the One with Courage logo below to view a card listing some of the common signs of Child abuse. 

Remember if you think a child is in immediate danger, call 911.

Michigan Children's Advocacy Centers

Below is a link to a list of Michigan Children's Advocacy Centers (CAC).  You will be able to use the list to search for CAC in your area.

Search for a MI CAC

To locate a Children's Advocacy Center outside of Michigan or for additional information about the national awareness effort you may click here to visit the One With Courage National web site.


Below are a list of resource documents about child abuse and general information about Children's Advocacy Center's.  Most of the documents are in an Adobe PDF format.

Keep Kids Safe (PDF)
This document contains tips for parents and guardians to help keep their children safer.

CAC's Save Money (PDF)
This document shows how Children's Advocacy Centers make a difference for children while saving the community money.

Child Sexual Behavior (PDF)
This document helps to explain some common child sexual behaviors and contains a body safety guide for parents.

CAC One Stop (PDF)
This document describes how Children's Advocacy Centers provide one stop performance based child protection.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the material in the above documents.  In addition, if you know of any resource material that might be useful for other visitors to our site, we would like to hear from you.

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